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ISSA Speed Skydiving World Series Rules 2012

(January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012)

The Essence of Speed Skydiving

To compete for the best Meet Result and set World Records. Meet Results and World Records can only be set during a sanctioned ISSA competition. Only regular skydiving gear in sale to be used. No extra weights allowed. Two “hip-mounted” Larsen & Brusgaard Pro-Tracks measure the average speed between 2,700 meters (8,858 ft) and 1,700 meters (5,577 ft). Extract the readings with Larsen & Brusgaard Jump-Track version 2.00.D.

1. Preface

Speed skydiving is a skydiving discipline with a definition as simple as it gets. It was developed in the last few years and represents the fastest non-motorized sport on Earth. In the essence, speed skydiving is the discipline where the only one aspect of the skydiving counts – free fall speed. The speed achieved by human body in free fall is the function of two factors, body weight and body orientation. In stable, belly to earth position, terminal velocity of the human body is about 200 km/h (about 120 mph). Stable freefly head down position has a terminal speed around 240-290 km/h (around 150-180 mph). Further minimizing body drag and streamlining the body position allows to reach higher speeds in vicinity of 480 km/h (300 mph). Achieving and maintaining high free fall speed is the goal of speed skydiving

2. Terms and Specifications

The Measurement Zone: The measurement zone is represented by a vertical kilometer where speed measurements are taken. It starts at 2,700 meters (8,858 ft.) and ends at 1,700 meters (5,577 ft.) above the ground.

The Speed Measuring Device: Pro Tracks by Larsen & Brusgaard are the approved speed measuring devices. Speed measurements are done by two free fall computers - Pro-Tracks - placed on the lateral webbing, or in a line from this, on the competitors rig – one on each side of the rig. Each competitor is issued with 2 official red Pro-Tracks for each jump.

Speed Measurement: Speed is measured as the average speed over the measurement zone using 2 Pro-Tracks. The two Pro-Track readings are then averaged. Pro-Tracks should be rotated between competitors for every run. The organizer is responsible for the complete documentation of the “Measuring Device / Competitior Assignment”.

Qualification Jump: if more than 15 competitors are preregistered for a competition, it is up to the organizer to do qualification rounds for all not „Qualified Competitors“. Minimum qualification speed for men is 300 km/h (186 mph), and 250 km/h (155 mph) for women, as the average over the Measurement Zone (1,000 meters). Only one Pro-Track may be used for qualification jump and it can be placed in competitor’s helmet or anywhere on the harness. The result of a qualification jump is not used for competition itself.

Qualified Competitor
: Competitor who has either met or exceeded the speed requirements during a qualification jump, or someone who has participated in speed skydiving competition before.

Qualified Meet: There are no special conditions for a meet to qualify. In cases when a meet is totally rained out, or for some other reasons competitors do not complete at least one jump each, the result of the meet is zero.

Out of Boundaries (OB): Term used when the speed difference between the 2 Pro-Tracks is bigger than, the predefined limit of 30 km/h (18.64 mph).

Qualified Jump: A jump where the exit altitude is higher or equal to 13,000 ft. (3,962 meters) and lower or equal to 14,000 ft. (4,267 meters) registered by any Pro-Track with both Pro-Tracks functioning properly. The competitor may repeat the jump in case of lower altitude and must repeat the jump in any other case that disqualifies the jump. It is the organisers responsibility to make sure the pilot obeys the requested exit altitude, and as far as possible, the organiser will pay for re-jumps caused by a too high exit altitude.

In case of bad weather conditions, or air traffic circumstances, the exit altitude can be lowered. In such cases, jumps from lower than 14,000 ft. are counting also as qualified jumps (measurement zone remain 2,700-1,700 meters). Lowering the exit altitude applies to an entire round and for all competitors.

Meet Result
: is the average of the best competition jumps depending on the number of rounds completed (see also paragraph 3.5 Competition Rounds).

3. Competitions

3.1. Judging

The judges are the speed measuring devices, Larsen & Brusgaard Pro-Tracks and its software, Jump-Track version 2.00.D. A computer operator runs the downloading according to the rules, and a minimum of one ISSA member validates and approves the results. In case of World Records or National Records, a minimum of four ISSA Board members approves the records.

3.2. Technical

For competitions, every competitor is issued 2 official red Pro-Tracks, which should be placed on the lateral webbing of the rig, or on a line to the lateral webbing, on each side of the rig. No personal Pro-Tracks are allowed on lateral webbing, and no other unofficial results will be taken into consideration for scoring.

Speed is measured as average speed over the measurement zone using 2 official Pro-Tracks. Those results are then averaged to yield a final measurement result. If the difference between average speed readings is greater-than-or-equal to 30 km/h (18.64 mph), the jump is then considered OB, and result for that jump is zero.

There is no special consideration for low pull since there is nothing that would encourage competitors to keep the speed beyond the measurement zone. However, low pulls may be subject to penalty according to the hosting dropzone rules.
No weights are allowed for the competition. Any gear or modifications are subject to review by race commission and if found dangerous may be prohibited to use in the competition. Once in effect for the season, speed skydiving rules may not be changed.

3.3. Download Team

The organizer provides a competent Download Team. This team is responsible for the Measuring Device handling, the data download, the complete documentation of the “Measuring Device / Competitior Assignment” and the data backup.

3.4. World Series 2012

The ISSA World Series 2012 consists of 3 separate meets the schedule is announced on www.speedskydiving.com . No additional meets will be added to the ISSA World Series Series 2012. In case a scheduled ISSA World Series meet cannot be hosted at the pre-designated dropzone, it should be relocated to a nearby dropzone within the same country.

3.5. Competition Rounds

Every competition consists of 6 individual rounds (minimum number of rounds = 2). The result of each round is the average speed over the measurement zone, averaged between 2 official Pro-Tracks. Should a jump be out of bounds (OB), the result will be zero for that round.

  • In case where all 6 rounds are completed by all qualified competitors, the best 3 rounds are considered for the meet result and the result is average speed.
  • In case where at least 5 rounds are completed by all qualified competitors, 3 best out of first 5 are considered for the meet result and the result is average speed.
  • In case where at least 4 rounds are completed by all qualified competitors, 2 best out of first 4 are considered for the meet result and the result is average speed.
  • In case where at least 3 rounds are completed by all qualified competitors, 2 best out of first 3 are considered for the meet result and the result is average speed.
  • In case where only 2 rounds are completed by all qualified competitors, the better one out of first 2 is considered for the meet result and the result is average speed.
  • In case where not every qualified competitor has not completed at least one round, the result of the meet is zero for every competitor.

Note: The number of jumps considered for the result of each qualified competitor must be the same. For example, if one competitor has completed only 4 jumps while others have completed more, only the FIRST four jumps for every competitor will be counted for the meet result. Out of bounds runs will result in zero. There is no limitation on how many OBs a competitor can have, but total number of OBs may affect the average result.

3.6. World Series Results

World Series result is the summation of the 2 best meet results for each competitor regardless of number of meets completed (points = meet result of a single meet). If the competitor does not participate in some of the meets, the result for that meet(s) will be zero.
The competitor with most points is winner of the World Series 2012 and Speed Skydiving World Champion 2012.

3.7. Race Commission

Race commission will be elected before every meet and it should be composed of a representative of every country presented on competition. The responsibility of the race commission is to ensure that both competitors and the competition follow the rules and resolve conflicts that are not outlined in the ISSA Speed Skydiving Rules. If not contradictory to the ISSA rules, the FAI/IPC Sporting Code will be applied to all Speed Skydiving Competitions. Race commission may not amend or change the rules, like changing the out of bounderies value.

3.8. ISSA Board 2012

The ISSA board is responsible for speedskydiving rules and the annual Speed Skydiving World Series. ISSA Board members are representatives of their countries, they promote and organize speed skydiving in their countries. The ISSA Board members approves National & World Records.

  • Arnold Hohenegger (AUT), Chairman
  • Marco Wiederkehr (LIE), Assistent Chairman
  • Jeanne Cameron (USA)
  • Ken Hansen (SWE/NOR)
  • Armando Guiseppe Bonatto Minella (ITA)
  • Mark Calland (GBR)
  • Christian Labhart (SUI)
  • Olli Eerola (FIN)
  • Thomas Friess (GER)


4. National & World Records

National & World Records can only be set during competition jumps, not qualification jumps, and can only be approved by the ISSA after being validated by a minimum of four ISSA board members.

5. Resources


  • Speed Skydiving news: www.speedskydiving.com
  • Speed Skydiving forum: speedskydiving.proboards19.com
  • Speed Skydiving results: gssdb.speedskydiving.eu
  • Guestions, concerns, suggestions: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! JavaScript muss aktiviert werden, damit sie angezeigt werden kann.

6. Summary of Changes 2012 Paragraph Part Change

3.5. Competition Layout Delete of section 3.5. (competition layout is part of the invitation)
3.8. ISSA Board Thomas Friess (GER) new board member